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Who are we? | lifelong learning experts

experimentQ is a non-profit foundation, created by passionate makers who design tools and experiences for lifelong learners. We believe learning happens in multiple forms and locations, but outside schools it's rarely organised and validated, leading to lost human potential. It is our mission to help individuals and organisations track, visualize and validate their continous learning experiences.

With experience in pedagogy, tech, change management, facilitation, instructional design and social entrepreneurship, we provide a unique skill mix and approach to designing learning tools. 


What do we do? | lifelong learning tools

Via experimentQ podcast, we interview world-class researchers and education innovators, so we can explore and share the best learning tools and strategies. We make sure those tools are used by people, we facilitate local meetups and communities of self-organize learners. Our long term dream/mission is to make lifelong learning a social standard, by building the learning iD - one digital identity to track, visualize and validate all your learning experiences, for a lifetime. 


Who do we work with? | learning-driven partners

Lifelong learners - individuals who choose to develop their own learning paths and look for tools and guidance. 

Learning organisations - schools, companies and public institutions who want to create a strong learning culture.


How do we work?  | learning by doing

Podcast research - all our developments and tools are based on real life experience and community powered prototypes.

Learning tools - we curate and develop powerful tools to track and organize human learning experiences.

Circles - we work with local communities to capture and organize real-world, offline learning experiences.


Why do we do it?  | power to the lost geniuses

We believe every human has extraordinary abilities but they got lost in the schooling process and routine work environments. We are passionate about new ways to help individuals and organisations create meaningful learning experiences and develop their potential.