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The world is changing fast. We learn something new every day, yet experiences outside the school system are rarely recognized.

We believe the future and ultimately life are more complex than grid classrooms and fixed jobs, thus we embark on a mission to make lifelong learning a social and economic standard. A standard that acknowledges the multitude of ways to gain knowledge and skills.


The Masterplan

experimentQ is a nonprofit foundation started as a side project of Tudor Tarlev - a self-educated dropout and entrepreneur turned researcher with a master's degree in education technology. The motivation to build this platform was born out of a frustration that so little attention, research and capital is given to human ability to learn for a lifetime, specifically outside and post schooling. The lack of data and validation of informal / lifelong learning experiences is an enormous waste of human potential, perhaps a crime.

We need to fix this, and so experimentQ was created. Our mission is divided in 3 development stages:

  1. Become world's nr.1 storyteller and research lab focused on quantified lifelong learning;
  2. Build documentation tools for the biggest community of self-organised learners;
  3. Create the lifelong education iD protocol and related technology tools.

Core experimentQ values

Free choice

Each individual should have the right to learn according to her passion /talents and to access world's knowledge regardless of location or socio-economic background. 


We have KPIs for everything but our own development. Providing data on lifelong learning experiences is key to improving a human's quality of life. 


The education records of every individual should belong to the individual and not a university or government. The individual chooses what is shared with the public.


To build trust one must create in the open. Organizations facilitating education and personal data management should aim for no less than absolute trust and transparency.


We are social beings. Learning and building within communities is natural to us. Each community should have the right tools to self-organize its education/learning culture. 


We shall put creator tools at the core of education. The world is changing and so should our tools and practices for learning. They can do so only via collaborative research and design. 


We enter the age of protean worker - the human of multiple career identities throughout a lifetime. There is a shift from employment as a sole government task to an individual and community construct. Thus, it is our task to connect lifelong learning data with economic and social opportunities for everyone.


Legal information

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