circles | crowdsourced learning spaces

Community learning spaces created to solve world’s biggest problems, powered by data.


For organisations

Fund a learning space and get real-time impact data


For communities

Apply to get 1-year support for a new learning space


Our commitment

100% proven

Every circle gets a dedicated webpage and realtime learning and project progress dashboard. You can also reach out and visit the spaces.

100% funded

All organisational funding (minus banking fees 😢) goes directly to learning spaces, we fund operational costs via consulting and donors.

100% transparent

We continuously write about our field work, including struggles. On top, all experimentQ circles’ projects are open-sourced.


The process

1. Applications

Local communities can apply for financial and technical support in setting up a learning space, given the condition that the primary focus of the space is to solve local and/or regional problems which directly impact their lives. The local community is also committed to sharing their results and learning experiences.

Companies apply to support a local community based on specific criteria such as geography, gender, SDG and more.

2. Matchmaking

Whenever the community and company applications meet the common criteria there is a match and the project is prepared for launch.

3. Learning analytics and SDG impact data

On the project launch date, both the company(ies) and community members get an online identity to track their learning experiences and report project data. Individuals build a personal learning log while companies get an impact dashboard according to specified criteria.