S2 Ep 02 - Broadband learning. Metaversity, Russia.

On this episode, we talk about

  1. Professions from the future

  2. Self-organized learning

  3. Coliving communities in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Guest intro

Our guest for episode 2, Season 2 of experimentQ podcast is Oleg Muromtsev - a physicist from Saint Petersburg, who turned his a passion for education, music, and community organizing work into beautiful projects that change lives. Through a chain of events and continuous learning efforts, along with other like-minded people in Moscow, Oleg co-founded Metaversity - a self-directed, community-powered learning platform, focused on the holistic understanding of human nature.

We met Oleg, during the Euro podcast tour in the spring of 2018, via a recommendation from Pavel Luksha of Global Education Futures - an international collaboration platform for shapers of transformative global education initiatives. Pavel, if you are listening - gratitude for the link.

The interview was recorded in April of 2018, at Dom Srednii, the coliving space where we had the opportunity to be guests for several days. Listen to this episode to discover a detailed model for organizing and assessing self-directed learning programs, the story of coliving spaces in Saint Petersburg and a charming Russian storytelling accent.

Show notes

About the guest

3:30 - Life Story and  the path  to  education (People)

5:50 - On Learning  habits (motivation)

7:00 - Most gifted books 

8:40 - On failure and success in the learning context

Metaversity story

11:30 - The  story of  Metaversity / Modelling Larp

17:00 - Structure and the people behind Metaversity

21:20 - Why is Metaversity needed now

24:00 - Organizing learning in streams

27:00 - What it’s like to join a stream 

36:00 - Ways to  assess results of self-directed learning.

42:00 - Being a dropout  or self educated person in Russia.

46:00 - Coming up  with project ideas for applied learning. The Dom Srednii story

The future

53:30 - The map of future professions

59:00 - A new purpose for education and the fear of emptiness 

01:06:00 - Community questions (Floris).

01:11:00 - Advice for facilitators of self-organized learning programs

1:13:00 - How can we learning / measure intangible values.

Episode Summary

01:16:00 - Books. Education as a transfer of  culture. 

01:19:00 - If I became a teacher in the rural Russia

01:20:00 - If I was a bored teenager in a High School.

01:23:00 - If I became the  Education Minister in Russia

01:27:30 - If I became a benevolent Dictator.

01:29:00 - Open Mic