Ep 01 - Floris Koot - The Gentle Revolution

On a rainy summer day in Amsterdam, Tudor Tarlev of experimentQ, interviewed a long time friend and education visionary - Floris Koot - the man of 80+ job titles. Below you can find more about Floris and browse through the show notes.


Floris is an eclectic man in both approach and skills (here is more on his background Or seehim talk about his work a bit)

Floris can walk into almost any field and bring something new. He created social inventions in education, sports, training, business, organising, facilitation, music lessons, coaching, leadership approaches, game design, event design and festivals. See some public ones here. His TEDx talk here.

Enthusiastically he: Makes organisations, team and individuals more alive, creative & effective; Activates people & learning through play, game, provocations & bodywork (theatre and dance); Inspires new possibilities & conceptual development for Games, Schools, Training & Businesses; Helps people get paid for their weaknesses or to conceptualise their startup; Creates a healthy dose of chaos to make transformation possible; His company is FoolService (no website). It's a company doing or helping with all of the above. 

He is co-founder of Knowmads and OES, openenterprisespace. Find his online influences here. Here is his Gentle Revolution blog and here his Way of the Fool blog. 

Specialties: Coaches Advanced Improv Theatre, Facilitates Large Group Interventions, One man Think Tank & Concept Coach. Game design (advisor). Speaker (on and offline)

Notes, Links, and Resources

The key theme of this episode is holistic human developed and the multitude of experience and influences that shape the character and the future of an individual. We further develop this theme by sharing Floris personal stories and work within the education field, as well as the work of other thinkers and researchers. 

Floris is in a continuous state of experimentation and play, accumulating over 80 job titles for 30+ years of work. We uncover some of his amazing gigs and his trust based approach to business, by refusing to sign contracts. We also uncover his youth years, family story, events leading to creating the Knowmads school in Amsterdam and ideas about the future of education.




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