Ep 02 - Greg Serikoff - The Power of Codesign

Brief intro

Greg Serikoff likes to connect talents and set up systems promoting business impact, human development and social responsibility. He designs and facilitates collaborative projects in the fields of strategy, transformation, management, learning, and innovation. He also teaches collaborative innovation at University in Paris.

I met Greg while being a student at CRI Paris, at a conference led by Francois Taddei with the aim to start a dialog around ways we can build a "learning planet". Greg and his team at codesign-it helped facilitate the ideation process for few dozen educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researcher equally passionate about the future of education and the vision of building highly autonomous but interconnected learning societies. I was fascinated by the codesign-it philosophy and secretly noted that I should get in touch with them at some point, to learn more about their business and educational programs, but I had no specific motive.

As soon as we got the idea of doing a podcast world tour, mapping out and telling stories of innovative learning spaces in over 40 countries, I though the topic of collective intelligence and co-design couldn't be more actual. I am grateful Greg had the time to share his ideas and work.

Show notes

3:30 - The next conversation can change your life 

6:50 - The portrait of an inspiring human

8:50 - Approaching new work/learning challenges

14:50 - Why getting involved in education?

18:00 - Influence by people and their books  

23:30 - Using techno music to reset the mind

24:30 - On success and engineering serendipity 

26:00 - What is codesign-it and how did it start?

33:00 - The story that launched "Codesign University Diploma"

37:00 - An effort to define what design is

40:00 - Challenges starting a non-classical education program

46:00 - Assessment at Codesign University Diploma

50:30 - Changing convictions over time

56:00 - On using collective intelligence for changing the education system

1:00:00 - The need for facilitators to disappear 

1:01:30 - On socio-cracy or Dynamic governance 

1:08:00 - Elections with no candidates

1:20:00 - On the future of employment/work

1:29:30 - More book recommendations

1:35:30 - Advice for starting a new project

1:38:00 - If I were the Minister of Education

1:39:30 - Replacing all the ads in the world

1:40:00 - The Open Mic moment

1:42:20 - experimentQ going on a world tour



  1. Leaping The Abyss

  2. From the Front of the Room

  3. Business Model Generation

  4. Tribes

  5. Un océan d’amour

  6. Foundation


  1. Seth Godin

  2. Isaac Asimov

  3. Pierre Rabhi


  1. CrashCourse

  2. Les Colibris Movement

  3. Loomio

  4. CoDesign-It

  5. DU CoDesign

Greg Serikoff. Paris 09.10.17

Episode summary by Alizée l’Honneu


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At minute 19, Greg talks about Asimov. He mentioned “Dune” book, but he wanted to point to “Foundation” book series.

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