Ep 03 - Corinna & Greta Thierhoff - Generations of ASK

Brief intro

When like-minded people join their passion and resources there is serendipity. Thanks to my old friend Dirk van Haag, I was introduced to Kai Thierhoff of Thierhoff Consulting and Cologne Headquarters who in turn told me the story of Aktive Schule Köln, the alternative school his wife, Corinna Thierhoff, co-founded. I was extremely interested in how two business people and parents approach the challenges within our current education system, so I immediately showed my interest in recording an interview with them. Then, something surprising happened, Kai suggested it would be best to invite on the show his eldest daughter, Greta, who is a pupil at ASK and the motivation to start this school, to share her own views and experiences within an alternative school. We ended up with an exciting episode, where 2 generations share their stories and ideas on schooling and free learning principles built around child needs and personality.


Show notes

2:40 - Get to know Corinna and Greta Thierhoff

3:30 - Morning rituals, favorite apps, and hashtag

6:50 - On failure and success

8:00 - What is Aktive Schule Köln (ASK)?

15:30 - Challenges while starting a school

17:00 - The current structure and activities at ASK

20:30 - Values and culture nurtured at ASK

22:00 - On evaluation within a free learning school

25:00 - The story of switching schools

30:00 - On competition in education

35:00 - Learning ecosystem through partnerships

42:00 - The future of learning / education

45:00 - On family role and involvement in education

50:00 - Advice on starting an alternative school

51:40 - "If I became the Minister of Education"

53:50 - A message to the world



  1. The Pestalozzi Experiment in Child-Based Education

  2. Creative Schools


  1. Rebeca Wild

  2. Prince EA

  3. Sir Ken Robinson


  1. Aktive Schule Köln

  2. European Democratic Education Community


  4. Pesta School, Quito, Ecuador

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