Ep 11 - Carlos Moreno-Romero - Education for Justice

Brief intro

Our guest for episode 11 of experimentQ podcast is Carlos Moreno-Romero, friendly called Charlie - a Colombia-born passionate educator and researcher with an interest in social sciences, culture, history, and anthropology. Currently, he is a full-time PhD student at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he explores topics like Education for Justice and Alternative Democratic Schools. His previous education experiences involve social projects in Italy and public schools in Colombia and Estonia.

After a visit to El Arbol de Ayelen, a free community school in Madrid's suburbs, we seat down in Charlie apartment to discuss the state of alternative education in Spain and at the global level, but also look at education through the context of culture and history. 

Now, without further ado, please enjoy Episode 11 of experimentQ podcast, recorded on March 5th in Madrid, Spain.

About the guest

2:30 - Origins. From Colombia to Estonia. 

7:00 - What is Education for Justice - Re-distribution / Recognition / Participation.

10:00 - Life is a gift. Passion and learning experiences in 2018.

10:50 - On failure and success

11:30 - Life as the swing song from the 30s

The story of Alternative Education

12:50 - Context: Reevo maps for alternative education

13:30 - The story behind alternative education research. Rigid structures, rebellion, and the rise of democratic schools. 

16:50 - The story of age segregation in schools. Destroying the free will

18:50 - The 3 waves of alternative education.

31:30 - How does one start a democratic school. 

37:50 - Why now is the best time for democratic schools. 

The process

42:50 - Change from within or outside. Pioneers by example. 

48:50 - Measurement of success in free schools. 

54:50 - We live in the ageist age. Mainstream authoritarian relationships. 

55:20 - Ways to support alternative education initiatives. 

1:00:50 - How can we measure the results of free learning? 

The future - scaling impact

1:07:40 - The dream for the future of education. 

1:11:50 - If not employment, what else should education create?

Episode summary

1:17:00 - Resources on alternative education:

1:20:50 -  If I was an educator 

1:21:40 - If I was a bored kid in the school 

1:26:20 -  If I became the Minister of Education / Learning. 

1:31:00 - T-shirt: I am like the water, if I find a stone, I will go around it and find a way.

1:32:50 - Open mic: If the is no resistance the system will never change.