Ep 13 - Chiara Carlino - Bestr. Open Badges

On this episode we talk about

  1. Microcredentials

  2. Embracing technology

  3. Opening up university degrees


Our guest for episode 13 of experimentQ podcast is Chiara Carlino, project manager at Cineca - the biggest University consortium in Italy and communication manager at Bestr - the Italian open badge platform. Based in Bologna, the city with the oldest operational university, Bestr is an active player at home and at European level trying to innovate learning credentials and to rethink the future of diplomas. It was a great experience to be in Bologna and to contrast university history and a new certification platform.

In this episode we discuss the current state of micro-certification, getting a degree by combining learnings from multiple organizations, democratizing the training market, and building trust for digital degree providers.

Note: Shoutout to Galia Sajin for making the experience in Bologna a very special one. 


Show notes

About the guest

02:20 - From philosophy to EdTech

03:10 - The story of Cineca

03:50 - Current Passion - OpenAgri

04:50 - Learnings in 2018

05:50 - On failure and success

06:50 - View on the future of education

07:50 - Life as a song

Bestr Story

08:20 - How did Bestr start? Next in educational technology and skill gaps

09:20 - People behind Bestr

10:40 - How do Micro-credentials work?

11:50 - Initial feedback vs adoption process.


13:30 - Defining Bestr success: Number of Badge issuers vs the frequencies of use

14:50 - Expiration term for micro-credentials

16:50 - Why now is the right timing for micro credentials?

18:20 - Prerequisites for badge issuer.

21:35 - Open badges for degrees. Challenging the business model of universities?

25:35 - Bologna Open Recognition Declaration

27:20 - Mindset for "mainstreaming" the using open badges.

29:05 - Meaningful data about "oneself"

30:50 - Building Learning Paths at Bestr

32:20 - Informal recognition of informal learning.

33:40 - Access vs discrimination using open badges?

34:00 - The Common language for Badge hosting platforms? 


36:50  - Dream scenario for Bestr development?

37:35 - Focus Market

38:05 - Opportunities for digitizing old diplomas. 

38:50 - Ways in which people can help Bestr

Episode Summary

39:35 - Community conversations via #openbadges

40:20 - If I was an educator

42:10 - If I was a teenage student

44:05 - If I was the Minister of Education

45:20 - Benevolent dictator / The T-Shirt Question

46:10 - Open mic: don’t fear technology, understand what’s behind.

47:20 - Contact