Ep 14 - Stefan Leitner-Sidl - Markhof Colearning

On this episode, we talk about

  1. Building a village in the city

  2. The genius in every child

  3. The last breath


Our guest for episode 14 of experimentQ podcast is Stefan Leitner-Sidl, Co-founder of Markhof a community coworking and co-learning space in Vienna. Inspired by the African quote - it takes a village to raise a child, and equipped with his experience as a pioneer in building coworking spaces, Stefan built a village in the center of the city - a holistic approach to learning and working, across generations, in order to master the challenges of the future together.

In this episode we discuss the concept of co-learning, engineering serendipity, dealing with social realities, teaching for wisdom and personal enlightenment.

We are grateful to Stefan for hosting us at Markhof and sharing his vision for the future of learning, driven by communal needs.


Show notes

About the episode guest

02:00 - Life story - farmer son, who went to Vienna and pioneered coworking spaces 

02:55 - The favorite quality of a human being

03:15 - Key learning experiences in 2018

03:45 - Personal belief - There is a genius in every child to be free

04:05 - Why education?

04:55 - Most gifted book 

05:45 - On failure and success

14:30 - How did your perception of education change with Markhof. 

Markhof story

07:15 - What exactly is Markhof about? 

09:45 - The building blocks of a village in the city. 

11:45 - What does it take to put together something like Markhof. 

The process

16:00 - Mixing productivity with a child friendly working environment

18:30 - Passing value and ideas

20:00 - Thinkers and theories influencing Markhof

20:45 - The controversy of Lais theory

24:00 - Access vs elitism? The story of mass education in Austria

27:30 - Ways to approach a new learning challenge.

30:30 - Kids entering the adult world. 

The future

31:45 - Hope for the future of learning / Markhof

33:10 - Teaching for wisdom / love / death etc. Focus on self-enlightenment. 

36:05 - Timing. Why now is the right moment for Markhof?

38:15 - Learning in the age of AI / Robotics. Connecting to your senses

Episode Summary

41:45 - Must read books/resources for educators

Empathy game:

43:45 - If I was a teacher in the public school?

45:00 - If I was a teenage student?

46:15 - If I became the Minister

48:15 -  If I was a benevolent dictator / T-shirt question

51:15 - Open mic - Practice thinking of death.