Ep 15 - Thomas Heide - Change experience and building homes for lost geniuses

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On this episode, we talk about

  1. Ways to experience change

  2. A home for lost geniuses

  3. A revolutionary framework for building new schools


Our guest for episode 15 of experimentQ podcast is Thomas Heide, a full time philosopher based in Aarhus, Denmark. Thomas invented the change experience equation and his vision of “A home for lost Geniuses” put the foundation for Kaospilot Denmark, in early days. After withdrawing himself from the Kaospilot school in early 90s, Thomas went through a difficult breakdown, and that experience inspired him to dedicate his life’s work to understanding how we can generate world changing ideas, by completely rethinking our understanding of the universe. His equation of change experience is an easy but insightful tool to use in designing sustainable solutions in work environments, but most importantly in building high impact learning situations to "recover" the lost genius in every human. 

Listen to this episode if we want to discover a new fresh perspective for understanding the world around us and how to educate ourselves according to this perspective: as being a universally shared infinite scale of ever shifting mixes of fluidity and solidity, on which each mix defines a unique learning path and where no one is in the exact same position at any time.


Show notes

02:30 - Life story: Frontrunners to Kaospilot to Philosophy 

03:33 - Going for the big picture. A new way to experience and impact change.  

07:43  - The story of Kaospilot co-founder

12:13 - Creative and moral breakdown. The lost Genius

16:43 - How can we teach people to bend reality?

21:13 - Calibrating ourselves with eternity

25:33 - Creating change agents at an early age

29:43 -Parents impact in children's worldview 

31:13 - Lost Geniuses and spaces to return/recover

35:13 - On The future of learning/education

37:45 - A kit for changing the education system

39:13 - Holding to old solution?

41:03 - Humanity in the world of AI / Robotics.

43:13 - The real purpose of education. Building the true self


Empathy game

44:30 - If I was a teacher

45:33 - If I was a teenage student

46:40 - If I was the Minister of Education

48:45 - Messages to the world