Ep 16 - Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius - Kaospilot and entrepreneurial leaders

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On this episode, we talk about

  1. Kaospilot school

  2. Entrepreneurial leadership

  3. Humans faces behind numbers


Our guest for episode 16 of experimentQ podcast is Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, a former student and now the director at Kaospilot in Denmark - a hybrid design and business school, shaking the higher education landscape in Europe and across the oceans. Kaospilot was launched in 1991 as a project management school for the cultural sector. Created during deep cultural and political changes in Europe, the school had rebellious views of how leadership and changes should take place within a newly shaped world. The school evolved into a holistic change agency that sits at a forefront of education and youth entrepreneurship, inspiring new pedagogy initiatives and questioning what an elite education should be.

Listen to this episode if you want to know more about community building, why every school should be an elite institution, street-smart teachers, and human faces behind education statistics.


Show notes

About the episode guest

02:05 - Christer story

03:25 - What solution are you part of?

04:55 - Learning experiences in 2018

05:55 - Personal beliefs - We can master our lives and change the world

06:55 - Why education?

08:35 - On failure and success 


Kaospilot story

13:25 - Schools and thought influencers

15:55 - Skill and backgrounds to start KP.

17:55 - Community or Product. What’s first? A project management school for the cultural sector.

19:55 - Struggles vs comfort. The story of global expansion 


Kaospilot operations

23:25 - KP Legal framework and Gov relationship.

24:30 - What does it take to expand Kaospilot?

28:25 - Key programs at KP. On leaders and schools going to school.  

30:55 - What type of leaders does KP produce?

33:55 - On elitist schools and the pressure to perform

37:25 -  Spreading quality (Is replication good?)

39:25 - On Hiring staff and selecting students. 

44:15 - Results / impact. The taxonomy of impact.

47:45 - On collaborations with other learning institutions. 


The future

49:55 - The future of learning / education. Why dropout - apply knowledge, get a community. 

53:25 - Building a learning platform for yourself. Lifelong learning 

55:45 - The future of work.

58:25 - Education’s purpose, outside employment.


Episode Summary

01:02:25 - Who watches the news? Go out and spend time with students, on the streets.  

The empathy game:

01:03:55 - If I was a teacher 

01:06:15 - If I was a student.

01:07:55 - If I became the Minister of Education.

1:09:55 - The human faces behind numbers?

01:11:40 - A message to the world. 

01:12:55 - Ways to get in touch