Ep 17 - Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb - Community powered and self-declared master degrees

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On this episode, we talk about

  1. Self-directed degrees.

  2. Existential questions

  3. And wonder, how many grading systems would Einstein and Jesus fail


Our guests for episode 17 of experimentQ podcast are Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb, co-founders and core facilitators at OpenMasters.org - a platform for community powered and self-declared master degrees.

From Open Masters website - “It's an unconventional education you design for yourself around a vision of the person you want to become. We use it to bring focus and structure to our long-term goals, and to weave together all of the different things we want to do to get there, such as reading, courses, work, travel, apprenticeships, and dream projects.”

On this episode we discuss community approaches to learning, liberation, the knowledge of self, offloading the mind of a teacher, the value of unmeasurable learning and we play the future of education through the eyes of 2 imaginary and progressive policymakers.

Special thanks for the team at YIP for facilitating this connection to Open Masters, Philippe Greier from EduShift for connecting us with great educators in Sweden, and the team at CRI Paris for their financial and research support.

Now, please enjoy Episode 17 of experimentQ podcast, recorded on April 11th, in Jarna, Sweden.


Show notes

About the episode guest

02:40 -  What’s a true statement? Question from episode 15’s guest, Thomas Heide.

03:15 - Short life story by Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb

04:05 - Why education (as a career path)? Facilitating change by addressing the way we learn

05:45 - Learning highlights in 2018. Moments of silence when does community truly take shape

07:30 - On Failure: Watching for the second error

10:30 - On Success: Living in balance and moving from accomplishments to experiences


The story

15:40 - What solution is OpenMasters part of? On popular education and liberation learning. 

18:40 - How did Open Masters become a full-time project?

23:08 - On building the expertise and service the community of self-guided learners

26:05 - Challenges with self-directed learning

30:30 - How do we express/showcase self-organized learning experiences? 

33:40 - Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights! On ways to organize the community

38:30 - On finding your WHY

40:50 - Teacher offloading while doing deep learning activities



48:00 - Deep transformational spaces. The future of learning/education

52:00 - The purpose of education

57:00 - Future assessment. Ways to make every learning path equal valuable

01:00:11 - How many tests/success measurements would Einstein or Jesus fail

01:02:25 - Schooling or unschooling?


The Message

01:06:00 - Must read books/resources

01:08:50 - Empathy game: If I was a teacher in a public school 

01:13:00 - Empathy game: If I was a self-guided master student

01:16:15 -  Empathy game: If I became the Minister of Education

  • Schools and Universities as open public spaces

  • Universal Basic Income

  • Learning dividends

  • Community farms within schools

  • Commissioned artist as classroom companions

  • No tests

  • Funding family concealing

01:24:30 - Empathy game: If I became a benevolent ADs dictator

01:26:30 - Open microphone