Episode 16 - Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, director of Kaospilot Denmark. Summary: creating entrepreneurial leaders. Explore →

Episode 15 - Thomas Heide, the inventor of change experience equation. Summary: how to experience change and bend reality. Explore →


The masterplan

On a mission to help organize and validate all forms of human learning. Explore Why  →


Step 1: Research & Design

2 backpackers travel the world, to interview education innovators, so we can design the best tools for lifelong learners.


Step 2: Learning iD

A digital identity to document, analyse, and present all learning experiences, for a lifetime.


Step 3: Learning spaces

Once all forms of learning get equally recognise, how will we design and operate our learning spaces.




Books, learning spaces, science articles, apps and people featured on #experimentQ podcast.  Explore



Video updates, conversations and real-time tacking of experimentQ's 12-months world tour.  Explore


The shop

An effort to bring podcast ideas to beautiful prints and swag. Explore