Frequently asked questions 



Why do you exist? / What problem do you want to solve?

  1. There is lack of data and validation tools for lifelong learning experiences, mostly those outside the "system". Inspired by our own struggles and research, we formed a mixed team of self-organized learners and pegadogy researchers, to build a solution that would help us quantify and validate informal education. 
  2. We face unprecedented youth unemployment and fundamental changes in the labor market due to economic slowdown, AI and robotics development. These changes will require humans to reshape the education system and pursue a life of continuous learning, in order to stay relevant. We are here to support that human effort by providing powerful documentation, analytics and transaction tools for daily learning experiences, worldwide.  

What exactly do you build?

The lifelong education iD.

The product development has several stages:

  1. Education log - a science-backed web / mobile log for daily learning experiences, organized by topics, tags, time and insight;
  2. Education iD - digital and NFC card issued to every user, to be used along with the learning log app, for knowledge transactions;
  3. Developer tools - an opportunity for individuals, companies and university to build learning experiences on top of the education iD;
  4. Learning cities - connecting physical learning spaces with online learning experiences, accessed with the education iD.

You deal with private education data, how do you ensure privacy and security?

The digital education iD as well as the NFC cards will be issued and managed by experimentQ's non-profit research arm, based in Netherlands. According to our terms of use, the platform users will be the sole owners of whatever data they generate on experimentQ, free to export or delete their account at any time. We also commit to a radical transparency in terms of business practices, technical infrastructure, shareholders etc - the users get to decide if they can trust us.

How do you finance your work. What is your business model?

We start wirth a community blog and podcast, supported via

In the future we are planning to generate revenues via 3 possible channels:

  1. Custom iD - opportunity to order a custom print NFC card;
  2. Pro accounts - advanced analytics, skill profiles and validation tools;
  3. Expert commission fee - platform partners able to provide tests and skill credentials for informal learning;

What stage are you at? What is your roadmap?

  1. 2017 - 2020: Research, blogging and podcasting
  2. 2021: Beta launch, API;
  3. 2022 - public launch.

How can we get in touch with you?

Best option is Twitter or email. See links to social channels below.