March 25th, 2018.

Three weeks of experimentQ research world tour are gone. You can see an update here, and from March 24th's journal entry you can find that we diverted from our trip to Berlin. Below are some "backstage" details.

March 25th, 2018

We all heard the saying "less is more". Well, after 4 countries and 7 cities within 3 weeks, not only did we hear it in our minds but also feel it physically. There is no problem to document 2-3 projects in each city we visit. Meeting and recording (Audio / Video) innovative communities is the easy part. The real questions are whether we manage to go deep enough in our research and provide clear value to our community. 

Thus, before we reach Berlin, we stopped at a friends' place in Halle and committed to publishing all recorded interviews to this day. Equally, we will focus on communication and fundraising. 

Fun fact - our friends have a second child, a baby of 8 months, so we get to see first hand the routines and the feedback of a young parent, related to learning needs and concerns. 



  1. Playtime, it's been a long time since we allowed ourselves to stop on a weekend and reflect on our experience while having quality social time. 
  2. Explanatory video script - in the coming days we will publish a description video on our landing page and YouTube Channel. We need to make clear the WHY, WHAT, WHO and HOW of experimentQ.
  3. Workflow reflection - what apps and routines do we use and improve, in order to get stuff done, in a timely and effective way. Current experimentQ: Slack + Google + Trello / Evernote + Google + iCal