March 26-28th, 2018.

The time in Halle, Germany, is over. Below is an overview of our results here.

1. Podcast episodes

Three new podcast episodes are live. It takes, on average, about 8-10 hours to post-produce and publish an interview of 1h+ duration. This time includes detailed show notes and episode T-shirt. 

2. T-shirt design

Three new episode T-shirts are added to the experimentQ shop.


3. Reflections

  1. We will simplify the production efforts to include the audio podcast, a short video summary and, when possible, stream the interview live via a simple webcam (looking at Logitech Brio)
  2. Play and fun shall be an integral part of the experimentQ experience, involving our community in more research opportunities.
  3. Making time for city exploration in Berlin.



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