May 10th, 2018

May 10th marks the end of week #10 since we left our previous home (Paris) and ventured into a podcast world tour, to document and share stories of innovative learning communities. Our goal was to travel for 12 months, non-stop, and to create 100+ episodes with education visionaries and practitioners who build sustainable alternatives for the future of learning. Thus far, we covered about 20 projects in 10 countries. 

Since it's an experiment we went through a lot of micro tests and explored the best ways in which we can provide value and ultimately build towards our vision - making lifelong learning a social norm. We connected with education stakeholders, explored the problems people face, looked for the best lever to bring systemic change, questioned the technology impact, and talked about future jobs. 

In the process, we experienced multiple breaking points, along with overwhelming inspiration for what's coming next in education. Below we want to share few lessons from spending 10 weeks on the road, along with our next steps. 

Nomad podcast lessons

  1. Working on a real-time documentary (long format podcast and video production) while changing cities every week, cuts off the capacity to offer local communities full attention and immediate value;
  2. There are way more innovations and valuable education work than 2 people could possibly cover in 12 months and 100 interviews. We need a community approach. Think TEDx.
  3. Very few people and organizations are open to funding research without predictable outcomes. As somebody put it, everyone wants to reach heaven but nobody is ready to die. 
  4. Working as a couple was one of the richest learning experiences in our lives. Most of all a powerful self-discovery as our communication was open and brutally honest.
  5. Most ed-institutions and countries work to develop the "brains" and focus on stacks of rationalised skills, and not much is done to develop children and adults as holistic and well rounded human beings.
  6. A person's ability to reflect and evaluate personal learning experiences throughout life is hugely underdeveloped, globally, but will become a critical competency to navigate the future. Self-awareness and self-guided learning are exciting spaces to build for.
  7. Learning and daily life are inseparable. We need to recognise this phenomenon and adjust the education system to respect all form of learning.

Next steps

  1. We stop the full-time podcast tour and will do only occasional community visits. Meanwhile, we will do one episode per week and focus the rest on supporting local educators and journalists in interviewing ed-innovators at the local level. 
  2. With the relocation to Amsterdam, we will be developing the experimentQ library - a collection of tools to support self-guided learners, based on what we learned and tested from experimentQ podcast.

These days we are in Moldova, processing the audio/video material and stories collected during the Eurotrip and will share more details about the future of experimentQ, on May 21st 2018. 


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