iD | the lifelong learning passport 

Making learning experiences and project documentation visible, across experimentQ circles.


Personal learning log

A simple to use yet advanced daily learning journal that encourages documentation and reflection around daily learning experiences at any age. The result is the most comprehensive map of learning habits and mastery levels set to replace diplomas.

Skill trade

Besides connecting all experimentQ circles into a learning network, we partner with local NGOs, school and companies that recognise the experimentQ iD protocol, to allow for more co-learning opportunities and open recognition via micro credentials. This network allows for 2-way transactions of skills and knowledge between community members and participating organisations.

Project validation

Learning experiences are linked to specific projects within experimentQ circles or participating organisations. Every learning path can be traced back to individual exercises and learning sessions.

Impact metrics

Within learning projects we encourage every community member to reach our to someone in need and do something of value, no matter how small. This way we make sure that learning happens in parallel with problem solving and community building.



When can we use it?

experimentQ iD is a bootstrap / self-funded project. It gets build in parallel with experimentQ circles, as the networking software between all locations. We expect the first public release by Q3 of 2019.

What technology is the iD build with?

MongoDB, NodeJS, AngularJS for Web. Native iOS and Android apps. NFC card for partner locations and connected workshop machines. Blockchain for validating skill transactions (TBD).

Can we beta-test the iD?

Absolutely, if you are a member of a participating experimentQ circle. Else, please join the waiting list.