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12 months, 40 countries, 100+ in-depth interviews with education pioneers.


Interview locations

Blue - pilot. Green - current location. Red - yet to explore.




Tudor Tarlev, Producer

Tudor is a serial entrepreneur, traveler and passionate lifelong learner. He went from loving school to dropping out of university and eventually getting a research degree in education technology, at CRI Paris. Tudor is responsible for podcast production, from guest research to recording, editing, distribution and engagement.

Follow his experimentQ learning adventures at tudornotes.com


Ana Negara, Project Manager

Ana is a senior project manager working in the consulting industry, with a focus for digital transformation. Her curiosity is thriving around the future of work and how to develop creativity within established organizations. Ana is responsible for project logistics, partnerships and media.

Follow her experimentQ learning adventures at ananotes.com





Get a backstage seat for all podcast planning and production adventures.



Educators, EdTech startups, policy makers co-creating podcast episodes.



Get your story/product in front of thousands of education innovators.


Social reach

By February 2019 we aim to reach 10M people via quality podcast episodes and social storytelling. 


The aim of the world tour is to produce a minimum of 100 episodes on innovative learning, plus 10 pilot episodes.


The total budget of 1 year is 150k Euro, and we aim to raise it via sponsorships, research services and patreon.com



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Real time travel tracking as we explore new cities and projects.


Instagram stories

On the spot stories, live Q&A, and fun moments with our community.

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Twitter conversations

Conversations on education, travel and social entrepreneurship.



Why did you create this podcast?

We started this journey because we believe world's education pioneers deserve better storytelling.

There  are so many incredible people doing valuable work to unf*^ck our education system but their effort and stories rest untold. Few of those who do share, have terrible production and design quality. It hurts.

What format does your podcast have?

Every episode is an intimate ±1h portrait of our guest. We strive to bring you the story behind innovative learning spaces, all around the world - what drives the team, what is their routine, how do they see the world, how do they solve challenges, how do they learn new things and much more. Every episode is accompanied with media documentation, community Q&A and other goodies.


How do you finance the world tour?

The total budget for 12 months of non stop touring and podcast production is 143939 Euro. Below you can find a breakdown of budget categories and projected sources of funding.

Budget breakdown

Funding sources


How does it fit into the long term EQ vision?

experimentQ's mission is to make lifelong learning a global standard, in 3 stages:

  1. Become world's nr.1 storyteller and research lab focused on quantified lifelong learning;
  2. Build documentation tools for self-organised learners;
  3. Create the lifelong education iD.

The podcast is a catalyzer for stage 1-2.

How can people help?

Hit us on Twitter or your social channel of choice and: 

  1. Give feedback for the show or website improvements; 
  2. Recommend podcast guests we should interview;
  3. Share your personal lifelong learning story;
  4. Join one of our community meetups.
  5. Support us on patreon.com/experimentQ