season 2 | DIY learning experience podcast 

What if we could simultaneously interview hundreds of education innovators, all around the world? 


Crowdsourced interviews

Below is a gallery of future (potential and confirmed) podcast guests. Feel free to open their interview links and place your comments inside the google doc. Interesting questions will end up on the show, along with a mention of your beautiful contribution. Note: Click on the cards to expand and access interview links


Your own podcast episode

During Season 1 we interviewed 25 projects from 10+ countries, yet only 17 episodes were published. While we learned a ton and enjoyed meeting people in person, we realised we have lots of limitations, mainly failing to go deeper into the research behind every project as well as connecting to the local communities and telling a holistic story. 

What if we could use a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to podcasting, by developing detailed toolkits and offering community support to local volunteers who want to interview education innovators? What if we could crowdsource an entire podcast show and offer dozens of people a medium for research and storytelling? Challenge accepted.


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