The learning journey ahead

experimentQ foundation is on the mission to make lifelong learning a social standard. Below are the key milestone to make it real.


1. experimentQ studio (2018-2020)

Designing high-impact innovative learning experiences for daring misfit organisations which are willing to build an active learning culture and fullfil the full potential of their teams. This activity, along with the podcast, provide initial reach and funding for the following steps.


2. experimentQ circles (2020 - 2023)

Self-organised community learning spaces focused on solving (g)local issues related to UN Sustainable Development goals. All spaces are digitally connected for sharing resources, projects and impact data.


3. experimentQ iD (2022 - 2025)

An AI-powered digital iD that helps document, analyse and trade learning experiences, through all of your life. It will start within experimentQ circles and then launched for personal use by individuals and organisations looking into new ways of learning and reaching mastery.