Electrolab, Paris.


1500 m2 of creativity, wonderfully preserved 20th century machinery and newly DIY laser machines. What inspired me the most is the way Electrolab founders and core team built their community - each member can come with suggestions for a workshop area or project and then go make it real. They come and work on the weekend and actively mobilize to pick up cool tech that Parisian companies recycle. This kind of do-ocracy approach I've seen at Noisebridge in California, but Electrolab has a bit more of science and hardware engineering feel. 


Electrolab is home for an amazing group of talented humans. If I can recommend one thing about this space it would be its members. Built by electronics (hardware) engineers it quickly attracted a very diverse group of people passionate about technologies, freedom of information; biology, physics, and more creative crafts. 


  • Work on software projects in a cool lounge/bar area;
  • Beautiful craftsmanship in the metal workshop; 
  • Colorful, clean and well lit 3D printing area;
  • Learn and play with physics wizards; 
  • Explore life with biology enthusiasts (last I knew the status they had only evening classes);
  • Grow plants indoor;
  • Build electronics and medical devices;
  • Learn how to be part and create amazing communities;


  • Address: 52 rue Paul Lescop, 92000 Nanterre
  • Get thereTrain Nanterre - Ville connects you to La D√©fense and from there you can quickly get anywhere in Paris using Metro Line 1.


An interview with Electrolab co-founders - Yannick and Samuel.