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Radical transparency as a default. Last update: 05.04.2018


Podcast downloads

In 2018 the total download count is 694. The results are calculated for 14 podcast episodes. Source: Soundcloud

Following vs engagement

By April 5th the social community, across all channels, counted 400 people and the average daily engagement was 37%. 


Budget (Euro)

Besides a 10k sponsorship from CRI Paris, experimentQ got 330 euro in community donations and 3000 investment by co-founder Ana Negara. With the 2-employee and 40-countries scenario, experimentQ will be loosing 12k+ /month, unless we find partners.


Travel experience

Since March 1st 2018, we visited 5 countries and 7 cities, drank 2 cups of coffee per day (on average), ran 21.5 km, and talked to 300+ people.

Library resources

From every podcast episode we try to extract practical resources and research references. The current library is composed of 25 books and 4 blog articles.