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Serving education misfits

Inspired by the AIESEC learning experience, and after bringing the first TEDx event to Moldova, Tudor Tarlev got disappointed in the formal education and dropped out of University to joined the startup world. First he worked in Romania, then moved to Austria and The Netherlands, with brief working experiences in USA and China. 

In 2014, Tudor co-founded Qodemo - a web platform for documenting open source hardware projects. This company took him on a  journey of exploring hackerspaces worldwide and documenting their collaboration culture, in hopes to adjust and grow the software platform. Qodemo and the hackerspace tour changed Tudor's life, he discovered the true value of hackerspaces (communities of learners) and met Ana Negara. 

In January of 2016, Tudor joined Ana in Paris and discovered CRI. Along with this research center came the discovery of VAE - the French government program for "validation of life experiences". The VAE program gave Tudor the chance to complete the M2 Masters degree in Education Technology (without having a bachelor). This was a gift that inspired the creation of experimentQ, with one simple idea: Imagine we can validate and celebrate all forms of learning, for all people! 


Tudor Tarlev

Tudor is a serial entrepreneur, explorer and passionate lifelong learner. He went from loving school to dropping out of university and eventually getting a research degree in education, at CRI Paris. Tudor is responsible for podcast production and product development.

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Legal note

experimentQ Foundation is a non-profit registered in The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce - KVK 63741245

VAT number - NL855379820B01