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We help professionals, companies, and NGOs reach development goals by designing immersive learning programs. 


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Team empathy

Your culture, your needs

From 1-day workshops to full-fledged learning and development strategies at company level, we always conduct a thorough assessment of organisation's culture, business objectives and individual needs. We get to know you so we can deliver the best possible learning value. 


Community research

The best ways to learn

Via our podcast show and local self-learner meetups, we are able to research the best learning strategies and scientific discoveries, along with underground experiments and community run initiatives. From forest quests to VR simulations, we are continuously looking for and testing new concepts.


Every project gets a unique team of learning experts that we curate and know personally, from within education communities around the globe. We work in distributed, trust-based teams and this approach gives access to on-demand expertise and technology, based on client needs.

Expert diversity

Distributed digital teams


With a 10-year combined experience in tech startups and change management consulting, the core team has intimate knowledge of today's business and people development challenges. We are committed to drive tangible results while proving a positive service experience. 

Quality services

Timely, with fun



P.S. We love public speaking

Want to test us before hiring to design a learning program? We are up for the challenge!

While traveling the world and interviewing education innovators, we strive to collect stories, data and strategies that can help individuals and organisations in enabling all forms of human learning. As a former TEDx curator and Toastmasters member, Tudor Tarlev will be happy to share those findings via engaging and insightful talks. → Ask for a quote


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